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Hello contraflow roads motle can I help you? It’s parte 11 so let’s return.

June 13, 2021

good morning as Chris is on reception any messages chris ? Yes Mrs Fawkes I’ve sent Daniel into st peters gate to get what you’re husband wanted as my husband said I really need thous for beadles to do some DIY jobs and we need thee four tea caddies for thee motle kitchen as it’s thee harvest festival today in all hallows church as he calls to Jack and Tom and Robert are you’re pumkins ready for Mr right bottom to judge at 3pm in thee church yes we ready .as Jack says oh no not olde tight bottom .why do you say that Jack ? Christopher said ? Well he’s so picky and critical in his remarks .as Daniel arrives back and says got thee items you wanted boss Mr fawkes as my husband said as he looked at four golf caddies and four paddles .as he said want a job doing do it you’re self .no Daniel I said four tea caddies and four braddles not golf caddies and paddles got thee reseats yes Daniel said then come wyth me back into Towne as he said missuss I won’t be long ok husband .as christopher said oh Mrs Fawkes Mr toffee nosed and his party are leaving tomorrow ok chris noted .as Jack said Tom and Robert we better head on to thee church wyth our pumkins beloved are you coming Jack said to me ? Ok Jack as Jack said Tom you show me thine and I’ll show you mine as Tom said I’m going to win I’ve got a beautiful big one year I bet you say that to all thee wimmin and laughs .now come on lass play nicely now as we head off to thee church as farther Henry Garnet is waiting for thee funeral directors to turn up from crypt and tight fisted firm as in catholic only one person can be buried at on thee day and wyll go to heaven if any more want to buried they have to come back thee next tyme .as we go into thee church as Jack gets his out and lobbs it on thee table his pumkin as we say what a big one you have there back as he looks at me and smirks and said well Mrs Fawkes should know she’s had it many tymes men as Tom and Robert put there’s out in thee table as we look as Mr tight bottom comes to look and Father Henry Garnet and him walk and inspect thee pumkins after they talked they said we have an announcement to make 3rd prize to Robert 2nd to Tom and as Jack has a wapper he gets first prize of a bottle of wine as we say well done every one S Farther Henry Garnet goes out to meet thee under takers and only to fynd that three has turned up to be buried as he says it’s only supposed to be one as he looked in thee book and said Mr Adder has triple booked I’ll have to ring around to see if another church can take them after a few mins he came out if his office red faced and went out side and said two off you can go up to st peters church only half. Mile away they will take you both as he said now u I can just do one funeral end if parte 11

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