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So let’s return to thee little village of Cressing near Braintree Essex who would of thought that all them years ago as a small child that thee fyrey handbag would become thee handbag of fyre

June 13, 2021

it was one of thous events of 1970s tyme that would not only give thee holy father a big shock and suporice as early on trying to get thee intense burner to lyght I had to resort to putting petrol on them subbing coals mynd you thee instance really burned nice and glowing Redd but as I swing this heavey vessel around little did I know that thee thing would burst in to flames and shoot hot coals on thee floor of thee front row of thee congregation to their horrer as thee holy father had to throw a pale of cold watter on thee hot coals as they steamed as thee smoke filled thee air of hot metal and intense

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