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As we say a quick good bye to Mr toffee nosed and his party at thee Contraflow roads motle it’s parte 12,of our soap so hello contraflow roads motle can I help you ?

June 15, 2021

good morning Daniel any messages ? Yes Mrs Fawkes Mr toffee nosed wanted his bill made up as he inquiry as they are leaving today at 10pm to catch thee train from Yorke to London .I see thanks Daniel .as my husband said it’s already been made up .as Mr toffee nosed walked in and said hello olde beans topping service jolly good show watto it’s a shame we have to go as my husband gives him his bill as my toffee nosed go wyth my husband to thee till and pays his cash over .I say cracking good food absolute hoot as they say we looking forward to coming again tyme to say tally ho ok yeah just so simply spiffing .as my husband said tyme to get Dobbin put on his carte my love and let’s go for a ride to witby .yes husband but jack’s doing thee cricket commentary from frame Chester on thee TV in five mins oh we watch that and go out this afternoon .as thee valves warm up on our TV as thee pic gets bigger on thee screan oh looks there’s my Jack from Frame chester and it’s left cheek playing flaming cheek village as Jack says here we are at thee fourth test as plummy goes to bowl thee ball towards chummy oh bad show leg before whicket as thee game goes on as Jack says that’s a six for plummy and one over maden as thee game finessed it’s flaming cheek win as Jack said this has been Jack for thee Contraflow roads motle

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