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That’s thee wonder of Woolworths as we returned to 1960s Britain are you ready let’s go back through tyme.

June 16, 2021

as you know that we returned to Bristol and here’s our woolworths pics I remember as a small child they used to sell balloons on sticks in there stores my mother refused to buy me one so after doing some cleaning for my nan I after one month saved thee penny a week and 2d I’d already had went and brought one as I walked down white ladies road wyth my balloon till my mother popped in my face boy didn’t that hurt and she laughed but it frightening me and even today I’m scared of them in case they go bang .but when I went back to my aunty’s there was a big blue balloon as it was cought up on thee fence as I untied it for a little while it followed me every where and at night it stayed at thee bottom of thee bed wych was two hay bales wyth a blanket on them then one day it blew up into thee heavens never to be seen again but going back to woolworths they was a great store and sadly missed here’s our pics taken by thee lamp of tyme next tyme we return to thee contrafCon roads motle

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