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Happy dad’s day to all you dad’s so let’s return to thee London Tottenham years in fact 1996 to wood green duckets common

June 20, 2021

once apoun a tyme I used to go go wood green regularly and meet up wyth thee homeless men lyke Paul and after a while I got to know them quite well as beeing homeless my self in thee past I knew where they was coming from we used to sit and chat after they went and did their rounds lyke sitting out side various underground stations wyth their begging bowls to get some money for food .but I took a foot ball up wyth me and thought perhaps they would lyke a game of five a side but as Darren and able said we can’t have a bitch on thee team .as I said and why not ? So I said I’ll show you as we put our costs at 9ft apart at thee park as goal post as we played as Paul said you can’t play in high heels I said you wanna bet don’t cha baby but I proved them wrong mynd you I broke thee heel off my shoes and had to hobble up to thee menders in the high road who managed to repair it to get back to tottenham .but we used to have many chats and we did role play as Paul wanted a job in a shop but as I said amagine I’m thee employer so why Paul what could you offer if I employed you ? I don’t know he said .as I said to him to get a job you need to be smarty dressed and fynd out about thee job ask about think of thee skills you have that can transferred that you can use write a ressermey and list down what you have done .in thee end I gave him thee money for a suit and shoes and other things and cut his hair and got thee live out of him after putting him in thee bath and for a few days we sat down and write out his ressermey and trainferable skill set as we looked at thee cards on thee shop winders there was one in a clothes shop and he went in and got thee job it was only cleaning general dogs body but it was a start and it gave him thee opportunity to better him self and then he met thee woman of his dreams and progress up thee ladder of lyfe as for able to help him I have himgave him thee money to buy a guitar so he could sing to his heart content at various underground stations and then one day they had all gone a few years later I saw them in Walthamstoe and how they changed as Paul said thanks love I wyll never for get how you gave me thee push I needed so you see a good turn dies deserve another

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