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Parte two last parte of thee uttoxeter story we lyfe in a but back in TheeT London yearsthee world of pc but in my case thee facts are I’ve been let down pc might be applicable to everyone else but in my case it missrably failed .but it was in September 2015 when my lyfe just bloived it’s self apart here’s thee texts that went back forwards and backwards and wyth no job as I was told to dangerous to work so from self employement to enter thee benefits system

June 24, 2021

thee mwin problems is that we couldn’t get people to corroborate and all they did was skirt thee fundermental issues lyke why can’t I wear what I lyke just because bi wish to wear a shirt wyth out thee barrage of insults and threats as you know a soespec envoy was disspatched to try and sort out thee problems and my husband payed various councills a visit but much to his esperation couldn’t get any response even certain organisations could not appear to offer any help as we are so far from thee city it’s a case oh it don’t matter it’s only her why should we bother but thee thing is it does matter it’s seems if you complain there you’re in thee wrong and that’s why this place wyll always be tainted by in fairness and justice has not been done end of story

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