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Tis be parte two of thee uttoxeter years from July 2016 to day beeing 24th of June 2021 and how I’ve hated every minute of them

June 24, 2021

back in 2016 in thee tyme of mark wyth all his promises oh we wyll get married and wyth this bloke he said he had lyving wyth him thee tratorrous little pig on July 25th I was supposed to arrive but after taking thee money to moove me here he turned around on thee phone oh it’s not my problem after wyth his promises of we we be together and as for tower Hamlets homes in London wouldn’t let me stay as on thee Thursday yet another court appearance was set over thee missing paperwork that they lost and this housing association said no choice you have to come as I thought at thee tyme if I could stick a curse on them I would if it would bring me justice but I thought better of it as curses come back .so I knew Matt and his Viking mate wooolfie whom said we wyll do it for £300 so thee date was seforAugust 2016 on thee day we left it totally rained all day but as we left London I just wanted to die but little did I know what would be in store as thee hate notes came through thee door and complaints about what I wore wych was to set a president for war between us and them with them calling at thee door saying when can you leave freek go back to London and then thee treat’s and voilence as guy had to intervene .and then the stones get in thee Towne .as for mark on my first visit in october 2016 to Cannock I arranged to meet him but he didn’t turn up so I went to his home when I saw this olde hag wyth this dog inside his home that I had to pay for 90/0of thee stuff in it I was furious and if I’d of cought hold of that olde hag I’d of kicked her ass downe thee road in thee pouring rain as I walked back to thee station after 23attempts of trying to get hold of him he then said didn’t I tell you it was a woman but he just couldn’t understand what wrong he did as I said at thee tyme she wyll go or I wyll but as thee years passed mark became a ghost in my past and when I payed up his autobiles that I was responsible for three years earlier but I had to pay for him to go to thee wedding of his mate but what did he do he only posed in Facebook in wedding attire wyth thee bride all over each other I was heart broken and face book after I explained wouldn’t take it down thee problems wyth blokes in my past they just thought there’s a mug I’ll take thee piss out of her but not any more I’m not thee idiot that I used to be and now eight years have passed since I last saw mark and I wyll never see him ever again he got what he wanted money but it’s one of thee main reasons why I hate this place thee sadness is no body gives a Dam and I want to go home now Andy’s gone and o thee last of thee flesh and blood ally’s in thee Towne thee battle has been sadly lost and as guy Fawkes says it’s us against them as for this place a few years ago we put thee pics on about thee damp but even thou on thee news other people’s was noted ours was totally egnored takes thee pee don’t it still don’t matter it’s only me when we got thee two awards for Harry and Eric we had to film them at thee place they was beeing made we hope they lyked them as you can see everything gets covered in black mould even inside thee oven and on everything

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  1. Susan permalink
    June 24, 2021 4:01 pm

    I’m sorry to read what an unhappy time you’ve had living there. Moving to a place here you know no one is hard; and unfortunately these days many people feel empowered to behave viciously toward anyone unlike themselves. You’ve mentioned this before, about how you’ve had notes that sound threatening and other frightening experiences. I’ve been thinking about you all morning; to me you have been the victim of hate crimes. May I ask how you feel about reporting them? I don’t mean to the housing authorities or police, but to an agency who advocates for people in your position? I did a bit of checking on line and found a Staffordshire non-profit that sounds as if they help with circumstances
    Iike the ones in which you find yourself. Their website is I hope you won’t feel I’m intrusive; I know I’m only a reader of your blog, but I think if we were neighbors, we’d be friends. I beg your pardon if I’ve overstepped.

    • June 24, 2021 4:15 pm

      Hi we did report them thee police said you have Guido for protection and thee MP wouldn’t back me up it seems that people can come into you’re home take what they lyke and then not pay I was told if I called thee police again I would be evicted and that I didn’t have the right to complain but I said oh no you don’t I have rights but appearently according to them I don’t and that’s just not fair when I said about thee bloke taking money off me they said oh it’s all in this head but as I said no it’s out of my purse into his wallet they couldn’t see any problems wyth that

  2. June 24, 2021 8:38 pm

    I’m so sorry to read that you have been treated like this, people can be just so unkind. I think you should try the suggestion from Susan above, and contact Cache Partnership. They just might be able to make a difference!!

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