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You’re probably wondering why we don’t start our story’s wyth croeso or dynnargh or Falite well thee simple answer is no body reads from them countries any more as over thee tyme people just lost interest but as we look back at nearly five years of this hell total knightmare of this damp stinky unfriendly place who would of thought that wyth all thee lies told by certain people that it would come to this and as we sit here sitting on our settie thee smell of damp is over welming and even thou we complained it got us absolutely no where . Parte one of two

June 24, 2021

who would of thought back in June 2016 after thee breaking and thee attempted murder of me back in secpit towers and thee general hatred of me in thee local area at thee tyme .but yet others had experienced thee same one man told me of how he used to have regular break ins and they used to steel his mother’s antiques and lyke in my situation they got away wyth it .but after we left London it was start a catolist of one dissaster and situation after another wyth their small mynded biggorted attitude wyth would see thee ending of here for us thee situation became so grave and it’s a case of a tyme when it wyll be time to moove on thee other day we saw one of thee powerful mediums in thee village whom said you are well protected even you’re mother from a past Elizabethan life is wyth you as she explained in Henry 8ths tyme you’re other husband but she’s a visitor to thee village not a toffee nosed local but as we went on our way to see most of thee shops have gone they used to call it thee biscuit Towne but now they call it thee crumby one end of parte one

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