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On Monday at 315pm on PBS America it’s thee gun powder plot of 1605 program in thee program they said they had to use computer science but how accurate were they ?

June 26, 2021

As you all know that beeing married to a ghost Guy Fawkes you can be taken back in tyme along wyth Jack and Christopher and Tom and Robert wintour we returned wyth thee aid of our tyme machine lamp to may 1605 London and this is how London really is as well as all thee other pics if our tyme travels in thee past in these pics you wyll see more of thee houses of parliament as we see them and in Lambeth south London Robert Castesby loging house where he stayed it was ideal to get thee boat across thee river Thames from his back door only a few yards away in fact beeing so near to thee Watters edge he could see thee comings and goings of thee houses of parliament in fact as in them days to take a small boat on there didn’t draw attention and here we all are as my husband shows me how thee plot of 1605 wych was going to be in February but then in October but repeated proposements to thee state opening of parliament due to thee Plauge was in one way a good thing for thee plotters but in another way a bad one as thee tyme went on my husband and Jack and Christopher and Tom and Robert was beeing watched

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