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So let’s return to London 1605 in thee 11th demention of tyme as you all know till we could return that no body knew what London was lyke a few lines in a book or two but as you know pics cameras hadn’t been invented it would take another two centuries for Kodak to invent a camera so I don’t see why we can’t afford our selves thee luxury of London 1605 tyme here’s once again our pics when we was there wysh you was here when we went back to Londons past but any form of tyme travel even for us is extremely dangerous so don’t for get to watch thee Gun powder plot on PBS America on monday .also lyke all of us we to get scammers asking to have sex wyth my husband and even thou he gets really annoyed but we laugh about it after all he’s my husband a ghost he’s only flesh and blood when we return to our past lyfes in this tyme he’s mostly black mist for 90/o of his tyme and it’s it’s only when we have a cuddle and I take his pic that he shows him self as you see him but lyke all men he Lykes all thee others lyke to watch on quest TV about thee autobiles that Anthony and his mate Mike buy and sell they look at thee automobile I look at Anothony what a man and thee way he lifts them partes about while repair them automobilles wow great TV show

June 26, 2021
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