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So let’s return to thee Braintree years and as you know they was as tramatic as these ones wyth thee terrible torie attitudes but after beeing mugged regularly in front of my working colleagues who laughed after all at thee tyme I was thought as a foreigner and they made their disspleasure well known

June 26, 2021

but as thee years went by thee situation got so bad after repeated breakings and thee winders beeing smashed in 1994 thee local MP I had a meeting wyth him and he said you wyll have to leave and on every shop winder it said forced out if Towne and in 1994 I left but in thee local coop store in 1993 they had a Lazer vision player so I managed to buy one thee video disks was very expensive to buy £30 each lyke a 12inch LP size here’s ours

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