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So let’s return to thee London years and thee day when my lyfe would be blown apart for ever regular readers wyll remember five years ago when I came back to secpit towers that my flat would be totally a mess in them days Guy Fawkes isn’t as strong as he is today and he’s appearances was far and few between so let’s return to Tuesday march 29th 2016 it was thee beginning of thee end there .

June 27, 2021

back in thous days I used to visit my mother in Braintree regularly and after my visit there listening to her tales of woo and helping wyth her shopping.but as I went to catch thee train to London it was delayed by two hours so I had to go back and then I went back and then cought thee train to Liverpool Street and went to get thee 48bus to Bethnall green .but little did I know what to expect as I went to unlock thee front door but as iooked at thee winder I noticed it had notches on thee frame as I went in and thee sight I saw wyth thee radiator was on thee floor as I went into thee bedroom all my clothes was every where and all thee bedding paperwork was every where my bed was all covered in pee and number twos as I felt guys hand in myne as I went into thee living room everything was every where my money in my purse had gone and in thee kitchen all thee cupboards had been opened wyth everything on thee floor I felt light headed S I went to phone my mother after mark as per usual wouldn’t answer his phone I was in shock I then called thee police and they soon came I had a red Pixy its head had been broken off and in my compact powder it had death to white pig I lit a ciggy and thee police turned up and went and asked around after I explained that I’d had many tymes been told I should be hung lyke all thee rest and had bottles chucked at me in thee street bethnall green high road thee police took notes and I had to call thee gentle author who came and helped that was good of them and then thee forensic police lady came she said when I asked her if there was a possibility if I was a target of hate she said here is very possible wyth tower h they want you dead so leave asap after she left took finger prints I rang mother and said I can’t stay here can I come and stay wyth you no she said and so did mark when I called him everything mostly had to be dumped and a couple of days later thee gas man came and had to switch off thee gas as some one had put seven holes in thee gas pipe no wonder I was feeling sick every tyme I went into thee kitchen a few years later I was told it was a hit man payed by local to bump me off but they didn’t realize that guy Fawkes and Jack would still them end of parte one of two

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