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Thee Gun powder plot of November 1605 so did you watch thee program on PBS America great channel to watch ?

June 28, 2021

so how was thee program about my husband and Jack and Christopher and Tom and Robert and Tom Percy was it as accurate as our pics from when we returned to 1605 well thee houses of parliament was but as you know my husband not bad but as you know he don’t look lyke that as my husband said it was over 11years ago when they did it but it wasn’t until 2016 when my husband and Jack and Christopher started to show how they really are and then came Thomas Percy and Everard Digby and Father Henry Garnet they did an accurate description of him and he really is very pleasant man but what of Oswald Tessiman well he’s very hard to catch on film but even thou we was interrupted by my mother on thee phone it was a great program well done PBS America and thee BBC but Christopher and Ambrose Rookwood and thee others wasn’t mentioned and I wasn’t either but in my case I was thee link no body knew about my husband kept it his secret happy birthday to Henry thee 8th

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