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Thee tyme of King Henry thee 8th so as we all know that he changed and wrote music for thee courts he had a brother called Arther he at heart was a romantic .

June 28, 2021

king Henry not only was and still is very handsome man wyth thous big brown eyes and he has a cheeky smile and thee type of man that could be in you’re knickers getting what he wanted you could say charm thee knickers off you .that’s why this excellent fighter who lyke a knight of olde knew exactly what he wanted and had to do and won’t take no for an answer but after all his six wife’s he became bitter and would seek revenge if crossed but he felt vunrable wyth thee fear of beeing bumped off .his ghost still haunts thee Hampton court palace wych he had built he was a brilliant man but ruthless and very occasionally he wyll visit here I was told in one of my tarit readings that I was in Henry thee 8ths tyme but thee only memory I have is standing in front of him at a ball Henry always had magnificent big balls and he held them well and us walking around thee garden at Elysium palace here’s us at Hampton court palace

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