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So let’s return to thee Braintree years to 1980s Britain as we once again look in thee box and before we did Jack asks what’s in thee box ?

June 30, 2021

as we try to sort out through thee array of things we have accumulated over thee years and memories a lot terrible but my husband said thee quicker this place is gone thee better and thee and me don’t want to take more than we need to when a moove happens wife !. As I look at him yes husband if you day so .as we open thee box we fynd our Phillips laser vision players 700 one wyth it’s remote control and thee 600 thee first one of them didn’t have one and thee other day our third one went to thee trash can but we found some one had taken it .laser vision players wyth there 12inch discs we have 58of various types from Adam and his ants let’s hope they didn’t nip him or get ants in his pants .and Charlie Chaplin ect .then laser vision players went out and then in 1983 thee cd came out thee same principle but smaller then dvd player was born on to thee market wych finally killed off thee VHs recorder .so let’s return to thee Braintree years and Paul and his mate Randy as Paul said in thee street as I was about to cross thee freeway talk about trying to beet thee street along that busy road as he said oh this is my mate Randy as I looked and said to Paul how do you know he’s you know Randy ? Why do you say that madam Paul said ! Well I think he looks really missrable hardly Randy don’t you think ;? No said Paul that’s his name .oh is that all so he’s not Randy then never mind bye Paul but Paul said he not be randy but I am .but Paul you have no future no class and I don’t go out wyth men wyth no future no class you have to have a job if you want to get wyth me .as he said I’m a soul boy I’m a dole boy DHss it’s thee very best .yes Paul if you say so as I went on my way

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