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Hullo Contraflow roads motle can I help you Mrs Fawkes speaking? Tis be parte 13 .

July 1, 2021

oh its always a busy day at Contraflow roads motle as tom says lights camera action .as I’m in thee phone oh it’s just so my husband comes along and said missuss what tyme them newts family coming ? As I day Husband at 450pm .why do you ask ? Well Mrs I thought we could get away for a few hours and take a walk by thee river floss say about one pmt till3pm as every thing stops for tea at three .well yes husband that would be a wonderful idea so let’s see it’s 1130am and Jack and Christopher and Robert should be back from their elevences by now and we can have coffee in thee sitting room why we discuss thee rota for next week ok .said my husband I’ll just go and see thee drayman as he’s just road up thee drive wyth our ale delivery .as my husband gives us a kiss I say husband not in front of thee children as he laughed and said yes you may have a point there mynd you tis be summut and noubt lass .as thee phone rings as tom said boudicca you’re on Redd phone but Tom I’ve picked up thee yellow one and there’s a voice at thee end .hello contraflow roads motle can I help you Mrs Fawkes speaking .as he says on thee other end it’s an trunk call press button below if you want to except it ok as I go to thee switch board . hello contraflow roads motle can I help you as it’s Binky hello olde filly one was wondering if one could squeeze us in say about one month’s tyme as it would be cock a hoot if one could and this tyme we wyll be bringing Dinky and porcha and pongo and Luke and Duke and skinkers that wyll be 7of us is that ok ?eyes check thee book .as I flick through thee pages ok we do thee Monday 16 the is that ok ? Oh that’s absolutely topping olde girl what a hoot it wyll be and so totally British whatto whatto jolly good show see you then olde friut as my husband said tyme for our break for coffee now Christopher you’re on reseption .thanks Christopher as we head to thee living room end of parte 13 parte two

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