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As out flags bloive outside in thee wynd as we show thee world we are proud to support our team Engaland but already we have had one synced comment take you’re flags down or be reported to thee housing officer and what was my reply thee two fingers wych is a sign of contempt in England but even thou at ash close not many England flags flying and there should be and more importantly to show our support and loyalty to our team as king Harry shows thee world of football he’s our God .

July 3, 2021

so if you have ever noticed that unlike any other countries in thee world who show their flag and rightly so everyone at important events lyke today to show our support as slot of fans can’t go to thee match but wyll be there in spirit to show that we are thinking off thee players and as we sit by our TV sets willing them on .for me even thou I’m of Irish ancestry and yorksher from our past lyfes there but if you think about it even thou we left Europe we wyll always be a parte of Europe from thee Vikings to thee Normans to Romans angles our history to our cussons on thee continent wyll always be a parte of our history and play a major role in our launguage and history so to everyone in Engaland put out you’re flag wyth pride

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