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Goode morning this is thee contrafCon roads motle can I help you Mrs Fawkes speaking? Parte 13 parte 3

July 3, 2021

As my husband is fumeing after thee m asking for yet more cash said that bounder and cad needs a good horse whipping .as I start to put my face in as my husband said you’re wimmins things lipstick powder and war paint but you look as pretty as a pic .as I say I’m ready now but do you think this red frock needs to be changed into my blue one and does my bum look big in this ? You look mlilon crowns wife .thanks husband but I’ll change into thee blue one as my husband come along lass we haven’t got much tyme yes husband as I soon come back in my blue dress I’m ready husband .that’s feet grand lass noubt about it .as we go out through reception as we day good bye to Daniel on thee front desk .as my husband strokes our horse DibbiD as helps me on to thee carte as then Jack sits behind us and my husband gets on his side as my husband said did you make our picnic yes husband as our Jack said I’ve put it in thee trunk by me .walk on Dobbin as thee horse and we go down Gilly gate through thee city as our Jack said tis ye be busy in thee city today oh look there having a mammoth fur sale poor mammoths I hope they don’t get to cold perhaps they have brought their selves a new coat ? As we soon stop at thee river floss and my husband says woow Dobbin stand easy lad as my husband said we wyll have our picnic here I think and he gets off thee carte and helps me off it as Jack helps lay thee basket on thee ground as Jack goes to thee Watters edge wyth thee sound if laughter coming from thee river floss as I say what’s he doing husband? He’s tickeling thee trout they like to be tickeld as we went to see Jack as he said no thee fishy don’t bite as it swam on its way as thee strikes flew over thee Yorke minster as my husband said tis be tyme for some after noon delight as Jack said as he put thee fishing rod in thee watter I wonder if a fishy wyll bite when thee storks are in flight over Yorke minster again in half hour as I unoact thee picknic basket as wyth his arm around me my husband and Jack tuck into their venison and custarde Tarte and bred and I have wine as once again as we heard thee storks fly over yorkminster Jack says there’s nothing lyke some adterafte delight as he holds my hand as my husband said sadly we must go as Jack collects his fishing rod and said no fish didn’t bite as we get in thee carte and go back to our motle end of parte 13

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