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Goode morning from thee Contraflow roads motle Mrs Fawkes speaking can I help you parte 13as thee newt family family finally arrive

July 4, 2021

As my husband and I put our trusty steed Dobbin back from his stable after feeding him and giving him his watter as Jack comes to help put thee carte inside thee barn as Jack to comes for his cuddle in thou big powerful arms that beeing thee best sword fighter in England as we then go back inside our motle .as Christopher said have a good tyme at thee river floss picknic yes we said .as Christopher says oh Mrs Fawkes thee Newt family are waiting to see you there over in thee Yorke bar having drinks .ok thanks Chris .as thee and thy husband go over and see them .hullo Mr Newt great to see you welcome to thee Contraflow roads motle once again .it’s great to be back Mrs Fawkes such a pleasant change from busy Suffolk Sudbury .we are glad you feel that way we hope you wyll have a pleasant stay wyth us we have put you in our leasure center pool as we know you can’t stay out out thee watter very long .as Mrs Newt says oh wyll thee refectory be open after you’re motle cought fyre back in November yes us ghosts are very resourceful you know .and we have lots of new things to do

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