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Good morning Contraflow roads motle can I help you this is Engaland calling happy bank holiday to everyone in thee USA have a great day .so it’s thee final parte of 13of our soap so let’s return Mrs Fawkes speaking can I help you ?

July 5, 2021

Good morning Contraflow roads motle can I help you? Any messages Tom ? Yes Mrs Fawkes thee Newt family have dressed up in pink leatards and been doing England song as they are totally peed drunk after watching thee king of football king Harry and his team .I see as Jack comes in as my husband said Jack them Newts have been acting lyke brawling broolagains again come wyth me to thee leasure center as we all go as thee newts are in their pool snoring and glasses every where as my husband said look at thee mess it’s going to have to be cleaned up as Jack said I’ll go and get a couple of scrubbers and he looks at me as he his to get them and says wife can thee sort this ok husband soon Jack is back and I set to work cleaning up and scrubbing down thee floor as Jack puts thee trash in thee trash cans as thee Newts sleep and then we back inside thee motle as Robert and Daniel put up thee yorksher decorations as in August 8th it’s yorksher day .as I go to thee kitchen and make parkin and yorksher pudding as Jack comes in and said so you got three roads then Mrs as I say Jack it’s not roads in thee pudding it’s sauceage .as he smriked and said I can show you sauceage would you lyke to see a special one from Welwick ? As I day now it’s not thee tyme or place you are so naughty Jack as soon thee roads are done and wyth a portal of cream thee snowe pudding is done as well a portal is 25gallons

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