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Oh thee problems up here and thee rows I have wyth these unreasonable hatefully people’s behaviour there are tymes that I could give them a good handbagging .

July 5, 2021

as we returned to thee village to do our shopping and after we had to walk to and from thee other side of town we went to our chemist as I put thee repeat prescription in to thee doctors a couple of day before only to fynd they did there usuall trick oh there not in go to thee doctors off we went opposite as I explained to thee pharmacy olde bitch oh she said every 28 days we issue them but it’s over 28,days and they are life dependancy drugs and I’ve none oh she said you’ll have to go wyth out till Wednesday thee so called NHS but at tymes I wished if of died five years ago because lyving here is a living hell as for my husband he’s absolutely furious

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