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As you all know that beeing married to a ghost you never know when you go back through tyme as we returned to 6th demention of tyme to 1960s Tottenham so let’s return

July 6, 2021

Lyke any city in London as thee Townes 26of them wyth thee expansion of London in thee 1950s and 1960s also new Townes was beeing built lyke Stevenage Watford and welyn garden city to name a few from thee early days back in Roman london and in thee 17th century tyme but in thee 1960s tottenham grew from bruce grove to Tottenham high road and white heart lane to thee spurs ground to thee compection of thee Victoria lyne in 1969 in fact Tottenham has three stations White heart lane seven sisters and Bruce grove as well as seven sisters tube thee light blue lyne from its 1930s high road building to lordship lane as we returned breafly wyth our tyme lamp this is what we saw and now you can to see Tottenham as it was back then we are having lots of problems wyth thee internet so we wyll come on when we can don’t forget engaland match at 630

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