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Contraflow roads motle can I help you Mrs Fawkes speaking?parte 14 .

July 6, 2021

ah good morning Tom as Robert says Cut what’s that noise out side ? As Jack said it can’t be thee Newt family they gone back home after there two days stay they had a great tyme as christopher said we know but they payed their 100 pounds bar bill , oh yes I said .so who is it as my husband goes out side as you know who thee big m is outside .as my husband said what do ye think you’re doing ? Go or I’ll skelp thee !as Jack goes out side and wyth a lot of commotion he’s sent on his way as Jack said know ones argues wyth thee as he said summut and noubt lass noubt for my missuss to worry about as My husband said Jack behave .right everyone quite lights camera action as Tom said Boudicca you’re on camera two as i said won’t that be uncomfortable Tom ? Ah ah Tom said hi Eric to thee camera man .action Tom said .as my husband said why don’t we go back to thee river floss and have another picknic as Jack said I could do wyth a nibble ! As my husband said Jack my wife isn’t on thee menu .yes guy I’ll remember that .as guy said make sure you do ! As Christopher said can I come ? As my husband then said oh tis be a family outing then .as Christopher said thee plot of 1605 are back at thee river as my husband and Jack and Christopher laughed end of parte 14parte 1

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