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Contraflow roads motle can I help you? Parte 14 as my husband and Jack and Christopher and I go back to thee river floss to have our picnic .

July 6, 2021

as my husband says Tom you’re in reception ok Guido so you and thee lads and Mrs Fawkes going out ?yes as Jack said we’re we’re ready as we get on thee carte as Jack lifts me up and said it’s a good job I’ve got sword fighter arms .yes Jack I said as christopher brings thee picnic basket as Jack said Mrs did you cook thee sauceages ?yes Jack I did why ? As Christopher says she Lykes a bit of yorksher sauceage don’t ye lass ? My husband says she’s get a lot of yorksher sauceage I don’t get a wink of sleep .as Jack said neither do I as I said gental men please not in front of Dobbin .we soon arrive at thee Watters edge where we all go for a walk as Jack said reet grand day for a swim as he strips off showing his manly chest as my husband said as he see Jack and Christopher in thee watter as Jack said why not come in as he pulls me by thee dress as I land in him as his puts his manly arms around me as my husband laughed but I said to Jack I’m all wet men as we all get our thee watter my husband said I think I hear handles watter music .? You better get them clothes off lass as I said what here ?as Jack said nothing we haven’t seen before .that’s not thee point Jack I’ll take thee dress off and thasth all as Christipher said if it makes you feel better we wyll all take our clothes off as they started to strip as there was no one about and we went to have our picnic by thee tyme we finished eating my dress was dry after we chased each other and played kiss chaise it was soon tyme to go as my husband put his arm around me as we saw father Henry Garnet by thee church end of parte 14 as

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