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As England wins against Demark 2-1 I’d for cast it this morning in my crystal ball and early today I put it on a reply to England as you know not bloive my own trumpet that I forcast many things lyke in 2012 in June it would snow in December and it did and William and latest baby would be a boy

July 7, 2021

so you see I’m a medium that can see in my crystal ball but it takes a lot of energy to see what wyll happen but not very often but I was never taken seriously untill oh yes you was right after all and that’s why I know lots of ghosts and can take there pics but congratulations to king Harry Kane and Engaland team now they wyll play Italy in thee final of euro 2020 and wyll they win you ask ? Anything is possible and I’ll look in my ball to see tomorrow but wyth king Harry Kane he’s a miracle in him self and to win is all about focus intention here’s thee text I sent on twitter early today

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  1. Susan permalink
    July 7, 2021 11:00 pm

    You must be thrilled, dear viscountess, and very gratified. Wasn’t it brilliant? Wasn’t Harry Kane brilliant? And not just scoring the goal, but in how he held everyone together through the long, long 120 minutes. I can’t think when I’ve watched a more exciting match, or a more gratifying one. Now I’m waiting for Sunday——and so, so envious of those who are actually going to be at Wembley.

    P.S. Kyle Walker is a particular favorite of mine, and he was rather brilliant too!

  2. July 8, 2021 6:01 am

    The THREE LIONS did it! Exactly as I have foretold. I watched the game in a relaxed atmosphere outside. — And now, boys: get the pot on Sunday!!!

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