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Extended scene deleited scene as we take a look back at thee mishaps from cooker catching on fyre when filming wyth spittle fields lyfe blog to thee set falling down while doing thee Contraflow roads motle lyke any type of any blog mishaps wyll happen

July 9, 2021

so lets return to thee London secpit towers when in thee Gentle author London album we was in thee kitchen as I stood by thee belling a59 cooker there was black smoke bellowing out of it as thee Gentle author said oh carry on as I said I’ll have to turn it off but even at thee table Guido and Jack was sitting either side of me and I felt I thought was his hand going up my leg as I looked at my husband he smiled and as I looked at Jack he also smiled but when it went under my knickers I said that does it as I got up I screamed as I saw this mouse’s tail as this mouse was inside my knickers as I said to my husband what do I do as Jack pulled my knickers down and cought thee mouse and put it outside and said lucky mouse as my husband said Jack you’ve been trying for over four centuries to get into my wife’s knickers .then there was thee tyme when I had to go and do filming on London bridge but as I went out through thee door I ladderd my only pair of tights so I remembered that my aunt said she put brown stuff on her legs but didn’t say what it was so I thought as I looked in thee cupboards oh I’ve got some bisto that wyll do as I mixed it up and put it on my legs when it fryed I drew a pencil lyne up thee back it was a bit wobbly but as I went to hackney road to get thee bus I was chased by two dogs and as I got off thee bus my legs had gone all stricken so I had to put tights on top as I went into thee Tesco’s metro at Liverpool Street .then there was thee tyme when watching Eric Dire on thee TV I had my bra on and thee catch broke and my husband said good job he can’t see you as he would of had a eye full .then on thee Contraflow roads motle as Tom was taken thee pics thee set fell down .and talking of TV sets when we plugged one it it burst into flames my husband and Jack had to take it out side as it made thee room stink we hope you enjoyed our extended scene look back

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