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On our story’s of football this is parte one of four as thee world awaits thee living patron Saint of football king Harry Kane who now there should be a bank holiday to honour such a superman who reigns supreme over thee football game it’s Harry’s kingdom good luck kingHarry and all thee players at England .

July 11, 2021

so as thee Euro 2020 final Game today untill we see king Harry Kane again in four years tyme by this tyme he wyll be a magistar and wyll be in lyne to be thee Engaland football team manager but what of that sexy Eric Dire he wyll become a super star to as I often said not only he is thee most sexy football player that has ever been but on reading his site you get a lot of nasty pigs and over thee years I’ve had a go at them you could say a good Handbagging on lyne thee main problem wyth these hatefull sad excuses for pond lyfe that they should realise that football players lyke any one else they have feelings and no one should have to put up wyth thee unexcepitable comments from that so here’s a illustration of what they have said to him and in my view they want a good kick up their fat ass .so you ask do footballers read our blog ? No why would they we don’t expect to ever here from them and after all we are a 17th century ghosts site but we wish them and their families every happiness so let’s take a look at thee trouphys we sent them and over thee years I sent a very expensive watch to a Other Harry it was sent back opened wyth don’t want to know you as for us we won’t be sending anyone a gift again after all they have other fans who are more important than us

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  1. July 11, 2021 10:36 am

    Rule Britania! Tonight England will get lucky and finally lose its trauma and after Brexit and Covid there will be something to celebrate after all. Thanks to King HARRY KANE!

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