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As we return to thee cows on thee hanging hill wych means in Anglo Saxon wooded hill as once again in parte 17and parte 18of thee Contraflow roads motle can I help you Mrs Fawkes speaking.

July 13, 2021

Good evening Jack has thee milk delivery come ready for thee morning cuppas ? No Madam Farmer Paul said he was late wyth milking thee cows Daisy Buttercup and Marigold .thanks Jack oh well it looks lyke we wyll have to wait till morning then .as my husband said thee meating went well wyth Father Henry Garnet and Father Oswald Tessiman beloved .oh that’s feet grand husband .so how did thee German and English and engish days go well ? Oh could be better Jack said .I see said my husband .tyme for bed Jack said as we go to our bedroom and after 45winks we started another day as my husband and Jack said we better go down and see farmer Paul about thee milk .yes husband as he went to get thee horse and carte and soon we was all on our way to thee farm where Daisy Buttercup and Marigold was grazing on their grass oh look husband as Daisy Buttercup and Marigold said look it’s our Boudicca as I went over to thee field .by gum lass hasnth thee grown and who’s these lads thee be wyth ? Oh this is my husband and Jack .oh I see as farmer Paul said you didn’t know cows could talk did thee lads ? As Paul said so what happened to that rat what was his name ? I know mark and what about that Eric ? And Andy ? As Paul said she was very popular wyth thee lads .so boudicca Paul said ?well Paul they didn’t want to know after all .I see well you got two lads now then ? Yes Paul I have .as Paul said you wyll be wanting some milk then ?yes Paul well if boudicca can help wyth milking .as my husband said I don’t know about that ? As Paul said it’s perfectly ok you know my cows know her from many moons ago .don’t you Daisy and buttercup and marigold moo .ok said my husband as I once again sat on thee olde three legged stool and wyth lpale to collect ye milk in as it seemed lyke yesterday soon thee bucket was full as my husband and Jack tipped some into thee milk churns and when they was full there was a churn for us .as farmer Paul said thanks you can have that at cost price as Daisy Buttercup and Marigold said it’s been great seeing you .you wyll come back bring you’re lads .ok we wyll bye Paul bye Daisy Buttercup and Marigold as my husband loaded thee milk churn on to thee carte as we went on our way my husband said you never said you could milk talking cows ? Well I didn’t did I as Jack laughed

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