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Contraflow roads motle can I help you Mrs Fawkes speaking? Parte 19

July 15, 2021

good afternoon christopher any messages for me ? Yes Mrs Fawkes Father Henry Garnet and Father Oswald Tessiman are hosting thee church rummage sale today at 5pm can we go and seek any bargains as it is for a good cource and it’s for thee new click and church roof ? Yes christopher we don’t see why not infarct we not busy till thee evening Ruch so Daniel can man reception and we wyll all go .yes said my husband .as we make our way to thee rummage sale there was a lot to see as father Garnet and Father Oswald Tessiman said we have lots of finery from only 1/6d for thee clothes and brick a brack 1/9d to 1 angle coin and for thee large items one ducket or I noble coin as we brouse through thee items and my husband said not more shoes missuss ? Now husband you can’t deny missuss her shoes you know you love me Finch’s baby don’t cha as Jack said I’ll buy you a pair beloved ok I give in said my husband .thee church hall quickly filled up as christopher said Jack and Tom and Robert found some new boots as well as some clockes as my husband said it’s 6pm we have to open thee Yorke bar and restaurant .have you prepared thee evening meal wife ? Yes husband I said bye father Garnet said Tessiman end of parte 19

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