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As you know that I have met many ghosts and back in 2014 it was Henry thee 8ths whom took me back for a sail on his ship one minute you’re walking by thee river Lee thee next minute I found my self on thee ocean wave ship ahoy me heatrys so let’s return to thee London years also thee great gental author invited me to his launch of his London album but little did I know when I turned up that my husband and Jack and Christopher and I in my former lyfe had already been there .

July 16, 2021

so who would of thought that back then after my vists to Hampton court palace and thee Tower of London that I would be known now as thee lady wyth two past lyfes from thee 1500s to 1600s and from my first meeting wyth thee monks on thee Glouster to walburton road to Bristol that my lyfe would be different to any of yours and that I can exist between two worlds and here’s thee pics to prove it

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