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As we go back through tyme to 1851 may 1st in 6th demention of tyme to thee crystal palace exerbition so let’s return

July 18, 2021

As my husband said get you’re glad tags on bovied wife as we are going out as our lamp once again appears as Jack and Christopher and Tom and father Garnet and Father Oswald Tessiman fynd our selves out side thee crystal palace as my husband said do you remember when you was in London back in 2015 you took pics of thee dinosaurs in thee park ? As I said yes but there was no palace there as I know thee 1851 exerbition was opened by queen victoria and prince Albert and ran till October of that year .come on said Jack we haven’t got much tyme as we found our selves inside this great building as it was vast full of lots of tapestries from far and wide from Persia and Belgium as my husband pointed out he said there are over 13000 exhibits here as we went from one parte of it to another as we left I turned around only to find thee building had vanished as christopher said look quick take a pic of thee dinosaurs as we posed thee lamp appears and my husband said we must leave and before we knew where we was we was back in 21st century tyme of 2019 October 1st

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