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Many years ago when I used to vist thee brick lane boot sale I got to know all thee market stall holders and as thee tyme went on as I became more popular unlyke today

July 18, 2021

as Danny used to sell a various array of items from olde kettles to pots and pans to olde pics to lampshades but on this particular day he had a box of olde pics and postcards as I said how much thee lot as he counted them up and say d give us a score wyth thee olde hoover so I brought them and as I looked through thee box thee other day I found these olde monochrome pics and here’s some of them and here’s me wyth Eric Dires sheild even thou I was not very popular wyth footballers sadly

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  1. Susan permalink
    July 18, 2021 2:08 pm

    Footballers, even the nicest, most down to earth of them, are leading strange lives these days. I was reading recently how—in order to protect teams from Covid—-they must stay away from most everyone, even at times their families. They aren’t allowed to receive mail until it has sat in quarantine for a while in case it has become contaminated in the post. Our local library does this with books that have been checked out. They can’t be borrowed by another patron until 10 days have passed. Imagine was a mass of things must be heaped up in the mail room at White Hart Lane…….

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