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Contraflow roads motle can I help you? As my husband and Jack and I ask Christopher if there’s been any messages .? Oh yes don’t forget King Henry 8th has invited you to his ship launch in thee place they call Portsmouth Hampshire where hurricanes hardly ever happen .

July 19, 2021

As my husband said we wyll have to leave now to get there for tomorrow morning wife .yes husband I best go and pack and husband said we wyll load up and can you do a hamper as we wyll need food for thee journey .ok and missuss you have ,40mins so you best get a moove on .as soon as I packed it was tyme to prepare a hamper and then my husband said Tom you’re in charge back in two days .ok boss now we must go ready ? And soon we was on our way it took ages to get there and soon we was at thee keyside by King Henry as he watched his flag ship and to his horror there was Black beard as King Henry said in god’s name what’s he doing here ? As thee ship went over and listed for a few mins and soon it was sank wyth out trace as Henry cursed and said thanks for coming and left as we looked at each other and soon we was on our way back to thee motle end of parte 24

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