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Hullo Contraflow roads motle can I help you Mrs Fawkes speaking? As it’s parte 23of our soap and for thee first tyme in over 9centeries you are going to see our specail guest star Robin hood so let’s return to 12th of June 1160 .

July 19, 2021

hello mrs Fawkes said Chris oh in thee evening shift we had a call can you and Jack and husband Guido go to Nottingham as Robin of lockersley wyshes to be filmed ! I see as my husband said yes I’m aware of thee matter as Jack said oh we got thee long now and arrows as he’s one of us from yorksher .come on said husband to me and Jack as I rushed to get a hamper ready as my husband said been got some mead in thee carte as there was Dobbin already wyth his carte on him as we all climbed abord as we was soon on our way and before long we was out side Nottingham castle as indeed there was Robin hood as I said to my husband I can’t believe it I thought he was just a legend .oh no said my husband he’s really you know .as we stopped thee horse and carte as Robin hood said oh Mr Fawkes and your Jack kit Wright aren’t you parte of thee 1605 plot .and you’re Boudicca honard where’s you’re chariot ? ? I don’t have one myne failed it’s MOt .so you’re Robin hood I said .yes my lovely he said .so tell me about you Robin is it true you are thee best archer in Engaland and that you was born in Lockersley in yorksher and that you lost all you’re lands to thee sheriff of Nottingham ? As Robin hood said you ask a lot of questions my love to answer them thee answer is yes and that I was forced to live in thee forest of sherwoid wyth my men after thee sheriff took all my money and lands in 12o7 .and that we became out laws and held up thee sheriff’s men and gave thee money to thee poor as they left thee villages wyth nothing .as my husband and Jack said tyme for a archary contest and in thee shadow of Nottingham castle after a while after Robin hood won and my husband came second my husband said take a bite of our feast wyth us as Robin hood sat wyth us as we talked and shared story’s and broke bred and wine and thee lads had a firkin of mead as it started to get dark Robin hood said I must return to thee sprit world I died poor but in 1227 I was rich in thee fact I got one over thee lot of them and yes all true about lady Marion we was in love .and soon he was gone as my husband said a great man of any tyme lass now we must go back to our motle end of parte 23

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