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Goode morning Contraflow roads motle can I help you Christopher speaking? As it’s parte 25 of our soap opera .

July 21, 2021

Hullo can I help you ?yes is thee Contraflow roads Garage open today ? Who is speaking oh sorry olde bean it’s Mr houtey toutey one was just wanted ones cartes to be scrubbed clean as it would be so refreshing .is Mrs Fawkes available ? No she’s in thee living room wyth her husband as they are sorting some olde things out and Jack has said not to be disturbed oh I say jolly good show we wyll be there at 1600hrs ok chow for now .as Christopher said bye as we go into thee living room as my husband said to Jack hullo Mrs Fawkes is getting brudy as my husband said no we agreed no kids to expensive and that’s very expensive .as Jack said never mynd lass you got us as I look at him oh you’re right as I go to thee cupboards and put thee things way as my husband said we could all go at anytime and it wouldn’t be fair on any kid .yes husband I know you’re right .as we got to go to thee automobile garage to welcome any customer as thee fone rings as Jack answers it Jack speaking can I help you as christopher said oh we have a booking for 4pm to day a Mr Houtey toutey has some cartes that need scrubbing .ok Jack better give Tom thee manager a call and we wyll go over as we soon arrive at thee garage as Tom said we are all ready as soon 4pm comes and goes as thee cartes gets all washed after all Robert says we give thee best hand job in Towne well Mrs Fawkes does .as I say thank you Robert .from tyme to tyme we look on thee internet and we found what spurs said about us end of parte 25

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