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Good afternoon Contraflow roads motle can I help you Mrs Fawkes speaking? As thee fone rings as this posh voice said oh good afternoon olde bean regards ones booking for our MP and our security services agency mi 69 ,Mr platforms secretary speaking Mr houtey toutey just to confirm that our party wyll be arriving at ones motle at 1630pm .

July 22, 2021

good afternoon yes Mr houtey toutey yes ones booking and rooms are ready for you .oh spiffing but it’s too secret and one must be circumspect oh I see ones husband was when he was a baby as I said can you confirm wyth Mr houtey toutey as my husband comes to thee phone yes I’m been circumspect ,oh jolly good show tally how until 430pm as my husband said everything is in order as thee minster comes out of cabinet after it was decided by a cross members committee that wyth thee everdence of thee black toe nail thee vote was thee left cheek to thee left 43 votes thee right cheek to thee right 40votes as MP Blighty hurrys to see Mr platform head of homeland security services and explain how to proceed after another meeting wyth his chest advisor Mr up him self and his private secretaryr have a go who said minster one could just say to thee PM in a round about way that we seem to do nothing or we could just send a memo out for another committee meeting or just avoid talking about it .as mp Blihty said is that a direct answer or not as Mr up him self said is that a rectolible question minster ? As MP Blighty for homeland affairs says thee pm has asked me to sort this out as as head of department thus most be so yes minister as he then sees Mr platform who says I have fully breafed thee two special agents who are on thee case as MP Blighty said oh have you taken thee money for their briefs out ofpetty in a cash and we wyll need four copy’s of receipts as Mr platform said yes minister also I have given them a dog whisker wirelesss set each as we couldn’t fynd a cat’s whisker and one of our agents Mr randy fullwoode is under cover oh I see Mr platform oh he’s always on thee job .glad to hear it and I hope he’s maintaining a still British upper lip as we must have thous lips nice and still end of parte one of parte 26

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