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Good afternoon Contraflow roads motle can I help you Tom speaking ? Oh good afternoon it’s Mr Eric Topping known as thee big Dick and to reiterate it’s Topping wyth two ps olde thing it’s about next month’s annual Yorke and Cannock chase ball next month is Mrs Fawkes their ?

July 23, 2021

as Tom said I’m I’m sorry Mrs Fawkes is in thee motle kitchens at thee moment is there any one else who could help you ? No it has to be Mrs Fawkes !; Oh just hold on she’s just coming .oh Boudicca a Mr Eric Topping wants to speak to you ? Ok Tom but I’ve left something cooking my hot sticky buns for our guests as Jack said I lyke hot sticky buns and yours is really mouth watering really something I lyke to get my lips around .well really Jack I said as I go to thee phone hullo Contraflow roads motle Mrs Fawkes speaking .oh hello boudicca you know it’s one of my annual balls I’m holding .I see Eric I hope they haven’t had a row and split up as you usually hold maginificant balls and I wouldn’t want to miss one of them .ones having a itsy bitsy titey problem wyth our caterer they can’t cater for us I was wondering if nearer thee tyme you could do thee catering for my balls ? Well Eric I’d love to cater for you’re balls every need I’m sure we could cum to some arrangements .I say so refreshing of you and you know if li Iove to have you at my ball please not any resemblance to name is purely coincidental oh ok Eric we be in touch soon bye them .yes by my dear as parte 27 wyll be done next month as we only are doing another 6eposodes as sadly not much interest


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