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Good evening Contraflow roads motle can I help you Mrs Fawkes speaking? It’s parte 26parte six so let’s return to see how mi69are setterling .

July 23, 2021

hullo contraCont roads motle can I help you ? Oh yes is that mi69 Mr platform as I’m Mr here there and everywhere and I’ve got a job interview wyth Mr platform at 1am just hold thee lyne and I’ll put you through to Mr platform as Mr platform answers thee call I say oh you have a job application who wants to speak to you shall I put him through he’s called Mr here there and everywhere ? Oh yes Mrs Fawkes I’m expecting him oh just out of interest how do you get an outside lyne ? Oh Mr platform just dial 9 ok put him through .as my husband said it’s been a long night and I can’t wait to get you into bed .yes husband that wyll be nice but I’m on thee front desk for at least one hour as my Jack comes and said oh you could do wyth a drink why don’t you go and have one I’ll watch thee desk while you get you’re Coco .thanks jack Jack as I go and make a cup of Coco and as I arrive back to thee desk this suited gent arrives and says Mr platform office please madam it’s out through thee door and turn left number 69 ok thanks as he goes into Mr platform office as he says I’m Mr here there and everywhere .you may sit said Mr platform .I see on you’re Resume that you have put on it on thee question of sex you have put when I can get it ? Why have you put this when a simple male would of surficed don’t you think ? Um I don’t know sir said Mr here there and everywhere and on question five when asked when you can start work you put in thee mid morning .can you explain why you have out this ? Yes sir I put it as I don’t know what tyme you start !? I see well Mr here there and everywhere on looking at you’re Resume we wyll take you in a temporary position if you work well we might keep you on and you wyll have to sign thee in official secrets act and always keep a stiff upper lip at all tymes here’s thee form sign it now and reoore back to me at o934 am in thee morning I take it you have accommodation yes sir I live in Clifton I see close thee door on you’re way out thank you sir

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