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Good morning Contraflow roads motle can I help you Mrs Fawkes speaking?as we return to parte 26parte 2 of our soap opera .

July 23, 2021

as 430pm soon comes as we wait Mr Blighty and Mr platform and agents oudles and sniffer .as christopher said oh a Automobilles have turned up out side madam .thank you Christopher .as my husband goes out to greet them as they come inside .as thee minster for homeland security said good afternoon Mrs Fawkes are our accommodation ready ? Yes minister they are welcome to thee Contraflow roads motle.Tom can you show thee minesterial party to there rooms !yes Mrs Fawkes come this way gentalman as thee party go to there rooms as thee minister of homeland security says is there any other guests staying ? No not till next week when it’s thee Yorke Cannock chase balls hosted by big Dick Eric .oh that’s simply spiffing .oh can our party have our luncheon at 8pm and have a four course dinner and can one arrange cups of tea and cucumber sandwiches to be brought to our room every hour and also a snifter of brandy ? Yes Mr Blighty that wyll be ok as my husband said I trust we have a enough bred wife yes husband I made three loafs this morning and farmer Paul I’ll get him to bring up some more veg and milk a couple of extra flaggons wyll do reet grand lass as my husband said oh by thee way their drivers are coming in as my husband said Mr Fawkes can I help you ?yes can we have tea and beef sandwiches four rounds before we park up ? Mrs Fawkes my wife wyll get you what you require gents you can park you’re autobiles in thee Contraflow roads Garage Tom knows you’re coming .as I go to prepare their sandwiches and beverages and brandy as they sit downe at thee Yorke bar end of parte two

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