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And now it’s parte 7 of our soap opera of thee black toe nail so let’s return to thee Contraflow roads motle Mrs Fawkes speaking can I help you ?

July 24, 2021

as thee minister of homeland security services rings through to reception and asks if we could serve up in thee refectory a full English breakfast for 8people as Mr platform and Mr MP Blighty address thee breafing of their agents as Mr platform out lines thee workings of their dog whisker radio device as Mr oodles say it’s unusual for us to wear clothes as we are naked civil servants as thee two nuts glow red on Mr platform dogs whisker radio as Mr oodles say watto watto sir you’re nuts are flashing yes you each have different colours of when you contact us this is Mr randy f as Mr platform answers so agent randy 67 what news have you for me you’re report ? Well sir I’ve been under cover wych I brought for 2/9d from pricerights in London .and what if this black toe nail ? Well sir it’s lyke this he’s a master of disguise sometimes you see him in Sandler’s sometimes you see him wyth a black toe through hole in sock and sometymes you don’t see him at all as he’s wearing socks .I see but do you think he works alone ? No sir there has been lots of sightings in London .then ready back to it oh yes sir I love beeing on thee job and I always think of Engand and I allways keep a stiff upper lip sir .good bye yes good bye randy as Mr sniffer said I say sir so who is this black toe nail as Mr platform said this is his calling card oh yes sir we see tyme for breakfast gents

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