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And nows it’s tyme for parte 27 of our soap opera Contraflow roads motle can I help you Mrs Fawkes speaking?

July 27, 2021

its thee night of Mr Eric e Topping wyth two tts as thee phone rings hello olde bean I say Mr Eric Topping number 15 here and how’s you my fine filly ? Has one managed to do thee catering for spurs mansion for tonight ball ? Oh yes my good man and also our butler Thermidor wyll be bringing you thee food and Jack wyll be bringing up thee wine and beer and mead and I shall be serving thee guests their luncheon is that ok ? Oh yes that’s so refrehing my love I’m so glad you’re going to have thee pleasure of seeing my balls tonight .oh yes I must say I just love seeing you’re balls and I wouldn’t want to miss one of them .as we all get ready to leave as Eric is waiting for us as he said oh drinky poo olde bean I wonder if you wouldike a chaise on thee chaise later they say it’s very pleasant under thee moon light and I’d love to show you thee spurs dance how’s about it ? As my husband said don’t you have to be somewhere you’re guests Mr Topping wyth two ps oh yes you’re so right Mr Fawkes as must go olde been as I’ve just popped out as I said I’m not surprised in them tight pants Eric so untill later as I said don’t worry Eric I have you’re yellow card well and truly marked as we start setting thee food out in thee dining room and Thermidor announced thee guests and my husband and r serves thee drinks as every body eats and drinks and soon it’s tyme for thee Yorke and cannCan chase ball as soon we are out on thee chaise as Eric said oh could in as my dear I must simply show you my latest walze as my husband said five mins as we dance under thee stars to thee brass band and soon it was tyme for people to leave as we sat under thee stars after our Cannock chase chaise untill dawn end of parte 27

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