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First train to London from Braintree Freeport so let’s climb aboard where it goes it’s up to you so let thee train take thee strain this is London calling to thee far away Townes

July 28, 2021

Lyke everyone else in thee world in this tyme we go about our business even thou up here in biggorted toffee nosed Stafford shire take other day we was walking a long from thee village shop when this flesh and blood olde man in his four by four stopped in front of us and asked do you always dress l lyke that ? And how much to you charge and do you do bondage session ? So when he said I could come around as I said you’re no Mr dire and thee answer is no thanks I’m married and I bet you are as well go home to you’re wife and play happy families wyth her after all at you’re tyme of lyfe thee shock would kill you stick to what you know after all what you trying to have a recruitment campaign .so he then said well I only asked and I said and I only told .he said oh you’re husband’s happy wyth you as you are ? Yes and I bet you’re wife is probably bored nearly to death with you .but I found his manor patronising and then he said oh I’m torie upper class I expect you may be because if you was middle or lower class I couldn’t speak to them sort of people it’s simply not British Staffordshire you know

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