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Deleted scene extended scene from our pics that was taken from our tyme travel wyth our lamp of tyme as we go back to thee fishing village as it was back in 1800s Southend by thee sea so let’s return to Edwardian Essex are you ready plus thee other pics of thee Dinosaurs make love to thee camera boys hey rexy and steggy

July 29, 2021

some tymes our pics don’t always go to plan it’s either our lamp can’t focus as tyme gets disstrorted and even thou we only have a few of in seconds before we have to return to this tyme but on this look back we first of all go to Southend once it was a little fishing village and shoeburryness was a Towne but as thee years passed Southend grew and wyth its longest peir thee Towne grew but even from Roman tymes they fished thee Watters and from its picture postcard views in thee 1950s was a place where thee London folk would go on holiday in fact along thee sea front thee lights was as good as Blackpool and wyth its hotles shopping centers lyke thee royals had lots for thee vistior to see and stay then in 1974 Southend married thee rest of Essex and now is a parte of it where in thee past it was a independent state of its own .so let’s look at them Dinosaurs of crystal palace and coming up we at the Contraflow roads motle go back in tyme to 3AD to Sillchester as thee Romans said Friends romans country men lend me you’re ears so don’t forget to get out you’re toga and sling backs in parte 28

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