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As we returned to thee uttoxeter twilight zone village to buy yet another moobile fone as thee other one broke downe thee trouble is today thee things are made are total rubbish but as we waited whilst thee sales man found another one but in store it’s more than on lyne but that’s lyfe

July 30, 2021

as we had to buy another moobile fone as they don’t replace it in store it has to be sent away any way when we did our shopping and came out of thee village shop it was swilling wyth rain and thunder and lightening blue fork lightening as Jack said won’t be long as christopher and Tom dissaperd into thee clouds as my husband said they have gone for a recharge up there they can get thee boost that wyll last 20years but don’t let them touch you for a few mins or a shock you wyll get as they returned from thee clouds then my husband said Jack we must go to thee bus stop and you look after my wife I’ve bussness to attend to as thee thunderbolt appears and guy dissaperd as more lightening appears and rain so hard wyth in 4secs my husband was back as thee bus appears and Jack said hold my hand as husband said yes there ok now but you might get a small shock thou as I held jack’s hand mine tingeld lyke pins and needles as I thought good job my shoes are rubber souls or it would of been burn rubber on me

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  1. Susan permalink
    July 30, 2021 11:29 am

    “swilling with rain” That’s wonderful.

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