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Hullo Contraflow roads motle can I help you Mrs Fawkes speaking? Tis be parte 28 this is Sillchester calling oh no thee Romans are coming as we returned to Sillchester in thee county of hampHamps where hurricanes hardly ever happen .in thee 7th demention of tyme

July 30, 2021

hullo Contraflow roads motle can I help you Mrs Fawkes speaking ? Oh hello Mr Eric Topping how’s you’re balls after last night as it was only a couple of hours after we cleared up and returned to thee motle and must say Eric it was really refreshing beeing able to see and be at you’re 2nd ball wyth in two weeks .as Eric Topping said oh thee pleasure was all mine and one wyll be hopefully see you soon I look forward to seeing you Mr Topping so untill thee next tyme then bye Eric .as my husband and Jack said Robert you’re on recpection and Tom you’re on inquiries desk as we have to return to thee 3ad Sillchester as them Romans are there .as tom said just one Cornetto give it to me as Robert said oh I lyke ice cream as Jack said I perfer a 69 as I said Jack please not in front of thee lads tyme to go Tom w Jack and Chris and wife as we go out side thee lamp of tyme is waiting for us as we hold on to it and we find our selves in Sillchester as my husband and wife you are as much as a ghost as we are .they can’t see you as we walk around thee streets passed thee bath house and see servents lighting fires outside thee houses and villers wych are vast thee air is full of spices and thee streets are straight as it’s early morning as thee centurions are on every building keeping a eye out in thee ampletheiter is a line soldier as I said to my husband oh perhaps he’s practices his speech friends romans country men lend me you’re ears ? Oh wow is thee as thee lamp appears my husband said quick we must return as we run to thee lamp and back outside our motle .as we go inside Tom said you was quick how was it ? As I said any messages Tom ? Only Mr Topping oh I’ll speak to him later end of parte 28

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