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As it’s yorksher day let’s have a look at thee other ghosts we know that went to st peters skool in Yorke thee skool was founded in 67ad

August 1, 2021

but did you know that Father Oswald Tessiman also went there he was born in Yorke in 23rd August ,1563 as you know father Oswald Tessiman had to out with queen Elizabeth thee IST and little Jimmy’s spy’s in thee early 17th century he knows Robert Castesby and when Robert Castesby told him of thee planned plot of 1605 he couldn’t reveal as in our catholic church it’s a bond between preast and thee confession which is scaread but he did tell father Garnet who was thee head of thee Jesuit priests as for father Garnet he really is a very pleasant man who wyth his smile and blue eyes lyke father Oswald Tessiman both can sing and play musical instruments lyke thee loot as for Father Henry Garnet he was born in Derbyshire in 1555 he went to skool in Nottingham where his father Brian garnet was head his mother was Alice they at first lived in Henor Derbyshire sadly Farther Henry Garnet was sent to thee gallows by thee pig of Engaland on 3rd of may 1606 but he still lives on also Did you know that Robin hood who you saw on our show was born in Lockersley in South Yorkshire here’s our decorations

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