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Parte 29 ,8a special edition of thee Contraflow roads motle can I help you as it’s yorksher day so happy yorksher day to everyone in yorksher

August 1, 2021

Good morning Contraflow roads motle can I help you Mr Fawkes speaking ? Oh good morning boss it’s Robert afraid I won’t be in today as family commitments we have to go back to Worstershire but I’ll be in tomorrow ok ? As my husband said well lad it’s a bit short notice but eh up that wyll be ok but 6am sharp yes boss thank you boss .as I come out thee kitchen wyth our Jack as my husband said oh Robert isn’t available to day till tomorrow morning ok can’t we get Henry to cover thee reseption inquiries desk ? I’ll have a word as we start putting up thee yorksher day decorations as my husband comes and puts his arm around me and says what’s for dinner well we got roast dinner yorksher pudding and parkin sounds reet grand lass as my husband said oh christopher can you chop and bring in some more logs for thee range in thee motle kitchens and then you can go on you’re 20 minutes break and take Jack wyth you as Jack slapps my bum .as tom tom is on recpection as my husband and I go back to thee kitchen and my husband watches me while I put thee bred and food in and out thee oven soon it’s lunch tyme as every one sits and eats a full roast dinner wyth venison custarde Tarte and yorksher parkin as my husband rubbs his full belly and says that’s feet grand lass end of this special edition of thee contraflow roads motle

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