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It’s parte 29of our soap opera Contraflow roads motle can I help you Jack speaking as we are asked by another of our friends from thee sprit world if they could be a parte of our soap so let’s return to tintagel in Kermow in 175ad and in King Arther tyme 475 ad so are you ready as we go back to 5th century tyme in 12th demention of tyme .

August 2, 2021

As you know our soap in unlyke any other as you see ghosts of famous people that still walk thee earth but in thee past no body saw them and as you know ghosts can present their selves in many forms lyke they do our our TV screens but wyth us you are privaleaged to see them as we do so as Jack answers thee motle phone as Mr Topping wyth 2ps has book an appointment as Jack says I’m afraid Mrs and Mr Fawkes aren’t available till next week .ok said Mr Topping I’ll see her then .as my husband said Tom and Robert you’re in charge as we have to vist somewhere else as my husband said we must go now don’t want to keep a king waiting now do we lass as our lamp of tyme appears and soon we fynd ourselves trainspotter back to thee tyme of Knights of olde as king Arthur is waiting for us in thee country of Kermow Cornwall Camelot was thee capital and back in 1974 I visited there to tintagel and I had this strange feeling that I was beeing watched but as we was introduced to sir Lancelot and gwain as king Arther showed us his kingdom but before long thee lamp appears and king Arther and Camelot was gone and a few hours later we returned to thee motle .as Tom said you have been busy by thee looks of you ? Yes Tom said my husband drinks all round I think as we sat in thee motle Yorke bar end of parte 29 next tyme we wyll soon meet thee last of our ghosts who wanted to be filmed so untill tomorrow then

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  1. Susan permalink
    August 2, 2021 3:05 pm

    Very likely, most soap operas have multitudes of people working on them; the plots alone surely require a team of writers, then there are literally dozens of others in other capacities. To create episodes for multiple days of the week must be an enormous amount of work for everyone there, especially you. How do you manage it? Do you enjoy it? Are there soap operas you have followed? Which ones to you think are the best?

    • August 2, 2021 4:00 pm

      Hi thanks for your message yes it is hard work doing thee soap I write all thee scripts for every one and when we travel back in tyme I feel physically exhausted but we have a laugh as long as thee set that Guido and Jack bulids don’t fall down and we can get back in tyme I used to watch crossroads motle and Emmerdale they have loads of technology staff and realle people we are all ghosts but it’s brings you thee ghosts that you never thought you ever see

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