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It’s parte 33 of our soap as we return to 3rd century tyme to Sachchester for our annual works outing .

August 6, 2021

As my husband says hello contraCont roads motle can I help you? I’m afraid my Mrs insnt available as he speaks to Farmer Paul as it’s our works outing to Sachchester as farmer Paul said ok oh yes Sachchester such a pleasant little village near Cordchester and Framechester ok call tomorrow then as my husband puts thee phone down .ok every one on thee cartes .Jack have you loaded thee need and ale ? Yes boss we got 8barrels .yes said my husband that should be enough and I’ve done four picknic baskets oh reet grand lass as we shut up thee motle for thee day and we are soon on our way end of parte one

i say my dear have you tryed olde bean instant coffee ? No Jack I haven’t why is it good ? Oh yes it’s really dreamy and go on have a sip ok Jack oh yes wyth olde bean you can really taste thee cream

as we soon arrive at Sachchester as we look inside thee round houses and walk around thee village as soon my husband said tyme we had our picknic as we lay thee blanket on thee ground and lay our food out after lunch we all lay down in thee sun and tyme fly’s as my husband said tyme to return to thee motle

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