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Many years ago back in 1980 we used to be able to rent a video for thee phillips VCR 2021 video and for a £1 a night I used to as well as rent thee video recorder I used to rent Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool game wych was on march thee 8th 1980 .

August 6, 2021

how football players shorts have changed over thee years and I think more better for wind resistance than one they wear to day wych are baggy but thee players today are better looking lyke Eric Dire and king Harry Kane just amagine them in nice tight shorts as my husband said lass you wear me out you be all over him lyke a rash he wouldn’t get tyme to play football .but Tottenham won 1_0 to Liverpool at thee tyme when video 2021 was no longer in use I brought thee tapes from thee shop keeper as he said I was going to put them in thee trash can so you could say I saved a bit of football history

Tottenham v Liverpool game march 8th 1980 on Phillips video 2000 format thee tapes you could turn over

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